Refund Policy - Refund Policy

Is refund in the form of credits or cash?

Domains and subject to non-refundable. For hosting, refund will be in cash / Account Balance.

What refund payment method is available for Hosting?

We will provide refund according to the payment method you used to pay your hosting. For example, if you signed up and paid for your hosting using a credit card, we will refund to the credit card.

OR you can choose to refund with credits into your billing account for the next purchase. Therefore, you can use the credits for new registration/signup for any products or services from us.

How many days will I receive the refund for Hosting?

Please note that you will receive the refund in 14 days (credit card) OR 30 days (bank transfer).

What do I have to do to get a refund for Domain or Hosting?

Please send an email to our Billing Team at and we will assist to process the refund.

Which billing cycle of hosting plan is entitled to a refund?

You may request for a refund on hosting as long as you have made payment for your hosting plan for 1 year or above. Check here on which Cloud Hosting Plans (Annual Plan and Above) that are entitled to refund.