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Bitdefender GravityZone Elite

Protect your enterprise against the full spectrum of sophisticated cyber threats with speed and accuracy. GravityZone Elite provides a layered next-gen architecture that delivers prevention, detection, remediation and visibility in a single modular platform.
To effectively protect yourself from highly sophisticated cyber attacks that evade conventional endpoint security tools, you need a layered defense approach with multi-stage signature-less technologies, including advanced machine learning, behavioral analysis, anti-exploit and integrated sandbox.

Business Security
Business Security 1

Protection Against the Most
Sophisticated Threats

  • Detects threats that evade endpoint security
  • Accurate prevent at pre-execution
  • Low level of false positive
  • Zeroes-in on advanced hacking tools, exploits, ransomware, gray-ware and PUPs
Business Security 2

Intelligent Response

  • Immediate and automatic actions
  • Prevent damages caused by advanced attacks
  • Automatic sandbox submission
  • Terminate malicious processes
  • Roll back malicious changes
Business Security 3

Improved Context and Insight

  • Provide better context on advanced threats
  • Connect threats with threat actions
  • Enhanced endpoint optics for future analysis and further actions
  • Expose suspicious threats (HD reports)

Features and benefits


Bitdefender leverages machine learning across
its entire portfolio. Scanning engine, HyperDetect,
Sandbox Analyzer, Content Control, Global
Protective Network are only a few examples of
Bitdefender technology that makes use of machine learning.


Bitdefender HyperDetect contains machine learning
models and stealth attack detection technology.
It forms an additional layer of security, specifically designed to detect advanced attacks and suspicious activities in the pre-execution stage.


Bitdefender Sandbox Analyzer provides pre-execution detection of advanced attacks by automatically sending files that require further analysis to cloud sandbox
and taking remediation action based on the verdict.



Bitdefender Process Inspector is a behavior anomaly detection technology that provides protection against never-before-seen threats in the on-execution stage.


Many features work together to reduce the attack surface: Patch Management, Full Disk Encryption, Web Threat Protection, Firewall, Application & Device Control.


The Bitdefender Memory Protection layer protects against known and unknown exploits targeting browser and application vulnerabilities in on-execution stag

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Detect and Prevent the Full Range of
Sophisticated Threats and Unknown Malware

Elite defeats advanced threats and unknown malware that evade traditional
endpoint protection solutions, including ransomware. Advanced attacks
such as PowerShell, script-based, fileless attacks and sophisticated malware
can be detected and blocked before execution.

Stop Macro and Script-Based Attacks

In this case, attackers are trusted MS Office Macros that use Windows
administration tools like PowerShell to run scripts and download
malicious code to execute attacks. Since these are “trusted” Windows
tools, most endpoint security products, including the pure next-gen
AV providers, don’t scrutinize scripts, like Powershell, WMI, Javascript
interpretors etc. Bitdefender adds Command-Line Analyzer techniques
to intercept and securitize scripts, alerting admins and blocking the
script from running if it carries out malicious commands.

Improved Threat Context and Visibility

GravityZone’s Elite unique capability to identify and report
suspicious activities gives admins early warning of malicious
behavior such as dubious operating system requests, evasive
actions and connections to command and control centers.

Detect and Stop Fileless Malware

Fileless malware attacks execute malicious code directly
in memory. Since no file is present on the disk, AV solutions
designed for file analysis are blind to this type of attack.
Bitdefender leverages Advanced Anti-Exploit, HyperDetect™
and Process Inspector to detect, block and interrupt fileless attacks.

Automate threat remediation,
containment and response

Once a threat is detected, Elite instantly neutralizes
it through actions including process termination, quarantine,
removal and roll-back of malicious changes. It shares threat
information in real time with GPN, Bitdefender’s cloud-based
threat intelligence service, preventing similar attacks worldwide.

Boost operational efficiency

Bitdefender’s single, integrated endpoint security
agent eliminates agent fatigue. The modular design
offers maximum flexibility and lets administrators
set security policies. GravityZone automatically
customizes the installation package and minimizes
the agent footprint. Architected from the ground
up post-virtualization and post-cloud security architectures,
GravityZone provides a unified security management platform
to protect physical, virtualized and cloud environments.


Blocks Attacks at Pre‑execution

GravityZone Elite comes with HyperDetect, a next-gen layer in pre-execution, that uses specialized local machine models, behavior analysis techniques trained to spot hacking tools, exploits and malware obfuscation techniques. It effectively blocks attacks that both traditional endpoint and so-called “next-gen AV” defenses miss.

  • Exploits
  • Powershell and other script based attacks
  • Phishing
  • File-less attacks
  • Ransomware
  • Unknown malware
Business Security

Bitdefender layered next generation endpoint protection platform

Uses adaptive-layered architecture that includes endpoint controls, prevention, detection, remediation and visibility.

Additional Protection Layers and Services


Unpatched systems leave organizations susceptible to malware incidents, outbreaks, and data breaches. Keep your OS and Applications up to date across the entire Windows install base - workstations, physical servers and virtual servers with GravityZone Patch Management.


GravityZone FDE protects data for the entire endpoint hard drive by leveraging the encryption mechanisms provided by Windows (BitLocker) and Mac (FileVault). It takes advantage of the native device encryption to ensure full compatibility and maximized performance. GZ FDE is integrated into the GravityZone Console and Agent, with no additional agent to deploy or key management server to install. The use of existing endpoint security infrastructure to manage Full Disk Encryption enables fully centralized deployment with minimal administrative effort.


Our experts will help you install and configure your Bitdefender solution for the optimal protection and performance your business applications need. These services offer customers the benefit of expert guidance throughout the implementation process, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free start. Skilled Bitdefender engineers will follow best practices and keep your business needs in mind while assisting you with the installation of the security solution in your environment.